Teens and young adults are at a unique and wonderful stage in their lives. They are learning to balance developing interests with increasing responsibility, friends with family, and independence without complete autonomy. At Sage Behavioral Counseling we assist young people with developing their own goals, building the skills they need to achieve them, and navigating all of the obstacles that get in their way. Pick among our array of services to best support your teenager or young adult.

Individual Therapy
Choose a therapist who best fits your child’s needs a schedule an appointment. Individual Therapy can help your child learning healthy coping skills, develop strong relationships, and manage ongoing issues. Therapy provides a safe, supportive environment for your child to grow.

Teen DBT Skills Group 
Join our ongoing coping skills group and learn how to calm your mind, manage your emotions, tolerate stress better, and build healthier relationships. Group is a supportive, safe place where we can focus on learning new skills and achieving our goals.

Family DBT Skills
Bring in the whole family to learn DBT coping skills that can benefit everyone in the household. Sessions are scheduled on an individual basis. The DBT curriculum takes about 6 months to complete meeting 1 hour weekly. Individual therapy with a clinician familiar with DBT is strongly recommended in conjunction with these skills training sessions.

Parent Coaching
We provide therapy for parents struggling with the issues related to raising their teen and young adult children. We help you to understand the transitional milestones that your child may be experiencing and learn more effective parenting techniques to manage these changes gracefully. Parents benefit from understanding their own separation process as their children grow into healthy young adults.

Family Therapy
Family relationships are a key component to mental health and wellbeing. We bring families together to identify common goals, improve communication, and resolve conflicts. Schedule a family session with one of our therapists.

Resources for Teens – Books

Buddha in Your Backpack – Franz Metcalf, 2002, Ulysses Press

Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life – Sheri Van Dijk, 2011, New Harbinger.

The Four Agreements – Miguel Ruiz, 1998, Amber-Allen.

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