Trainings and Supervision for Clinicians

Trainings and Supervision for Clinicians

Sage Behavioral Counseling offers clinical supervision for social workers who are pre and post licensure in the state of Oregon. It is the role of the supervisor to collaborate with a supervisee to enhance their clinical work with clients, as well as identify areas that may compromise the Code of Ethics for Clinical Social Workers. We use a variety of theories, interventions and techniques to provide on-going insight into a supervisee’s clinical practice.


Individual Clinical Supervision $125/hr
Laurie Wilmot, LCSW
Meghan Flaherty, LCSW

Group Clinical Supervision $50/hr
Laurie Wilmot, LCSW
12-1, First Wednesday of the month
DBT Study Group $30/hr
Third Wednesday 12-1 monthly with Laurie Wilmot, LCSW and Meghan Flaherty, LCSW

​A DBT study group for professionals who are working on incorporating more DBT techniques into their practice. Wether you are running groups, referring clients to skills groups, or using dialectic approaches with clients individually we create a space where therapists can learn more about DBT and support each other towards becoming more competent practitioners.

Sage Behavioral Counseling offers consultation services in a variety of areas including program development, integration of DBT techniques into clinical practice, mindfulness stress reduction, and clinical consultation for mental health professionals.

Professional Trainings
Sage Behavioral Counseling offers trainings for clinical professionals, programs, staff and clients on a variety of topics.

* Addiction Issues
* Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
* DBT Skills Group
* Mindfulness Stress Reduction
* Psycho Educational Groups
* Parenting Teens and Young Adults